We have partnered with Seforim Sets for your back to school seforim shopping.

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Each order placed will ship for a flat rate of $5 directly to the High School. 


What you wear, and how you behave, as a student of LGHS must meet both the standards and the spirit of tznius and
aidelkeit. You are representing YOURSELF, the Rebbe, Lubavitch Girls High School, and the Chabad community in
general. Please keep in mind that Chicago is a large Jewish community- people look at you here as a representative of


Sweaters & Shirts:

Our sweaters & shirts are available at Land's End. Both the sweaters and the shirts are available in two colors. Both the sweaters and the shirts are required to be embroidered by Land's End.

Visit Land's End


The skirts are navy and pleated. They may be purchased from any of the following:

  • Tilboshet Chicago
    Order Form
  • Fraylich in NY
    Order Form

  • Little People in NY 
    Call: 718- 773-8161

Uniform Gemach

Please TEXT Mrs Kraina Staal at 773-575-6700 to schedule an appointment.