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Tuition & Financial Aid

The following is the tuition and fee breakdown for the upcoming school year. There are limited scholarships available for tuition. Please note there are no scholarships for non-tuition and dorm fees.
Please see below to learn more about available financial aid.

Fees for 2024-2025
School Year

Application Fee


For new students only

Tuition Fee


Dorm Tuition:


(When applicable)

This does not include laundry, security deposit etc.

$300 Detergent Included

Give or Get fee


A responsibility where parents give of their time or money to support the school.

Tzedakkah Fee


This fee is optional. B’nos Chabad organizes daily Tzedakkah for each girl who participates. The money will be converted to nickels and distributed to the participants daily before Shacharis and Mincha.

Bnos Chabad Fee


Includes Annual School Shabbaton, Shabbos In, annual Lag B’Omer Overnight, Farbrengens/special events in honor of Yomei Depagra, Melave Malka; this does not include trips to New York or Mechaneches Shabbaton which will incur additional expenses.

Mechaneches Programming


Shabbaton ($50), Nesia L'Rebbe ($400). Fees are not included in Bnos Chabad fee, and will be due before each event.

Book Fee


Includes textbooks for General Studies, bound workbooks for Hebrew Studies, and supplies for science lab.



NSLP eligible approved families will be credited

School payments made by credit card are subject to a 3% processing fee.

Financial Aid

The Scholarship Committee offers financial assistance to qualified applicants who are not able to meet the full cost of tuition. Scholarship allowances are granted for a period of one year only.


All tuition must be finalized prior to the first day of school.

If applying for a scholarship or financial aid please complete the form below and email it to and then up a time to speak with Rabbi Hertz, the Dean. 

Tuition & Fees Management Program

LGHS uses the FACTS Tuition Management Company for tuition, dorm and fee payments.
You can pay by check or credit card*. You can select up to 4 dates per month to make your payments. Payments must begin by September 2022. You can check on the status of your account, the schedule of payments still to be made, a listing of those payments already made, and a complete listing of all activity through you account. All payments are required to be made through FACTS.

*Credit card fee charged

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