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  1. There are many Chabad high schools out there today. How is your school different than the others? Why should I send my daughter to yours?

    Baruch Hashem, there are many high schools today, kain yirbu. Lubavitch Girls High School of Chicago has many unique qualities:

    We offer 1/3 Chassidus, 1/3 Nigleh, and 1/3 General Studies in our curriculum. This is the highest percentage of Chassidus in girls’ schools of which we are aware.

    We have many shluchim on our staff and in our student body.

    We have many local shluchim who farbreng with the students often.

    We have many women as teachers, who serve as Chassidishe role models for our girls.

    We have a newly renovated dorm building with a warm and caring dorm mother, and devoted chassidishe dorm counselors who take care of the girls needs.

    There are regular farbrengens with the school, and farbrengens for Chassidishe Yomim Tovim.

  2. Are there extra curricular activities for my daughter to be involved with after school hours?

    We have a very active B’nos Chabad which has numerous committees. Each committee is run by the girls themselves, with an adult supervisor to guide them. Some of the committees are: big and little sisters; Chassishe Yomim Tovim; school Shabbatons, trips, and melave malkas; school newsletter; Shabbos mevarchim tehillim; Kuntres; production; and more.

    There is also a very active Achos Hatimimim program, which is again run by the girls with an adult supervisor.

    There is also an annual production, with girls running the committees, again with an adult supervisor.

    Special care is taken to ensure that each girl is working on at least one committee. This enables the girls to bond together, develop leadership qualities, as well as to be gainfully occupied in their free time.

  3. What kind of girls are in LGHS, I’d like my daughter to be able to make new friends?

    The student body is made up of girls from local Chabad families as well as out of town students who are mainly from Shluchim homes around the world. We our very proud of our students who are warm, friendly, aidele, chassidishe girls. 

  4. If my daughter has been home schooled until now, will she far behind? Are there provisions to help her catch up to the class level? (whether in Judaic studies or General studies)?

    It has been our experience that students who have been home schooled are either behind in Judaic or general studies or both. We recommend tutoring over the summer to ensure the transition to be as smooth as possible for the student. If there is a need for further support during the school year, we will inform you of that and direct you to private tutors whom we know to be competent.

  5. What things do you have in place to insure proper hashpaa on the girls, how do you inspire them to feel Hiskashrus and pride in being Jewish and a Chossid of the Rebbe?

    We have a very active B’nos Chabad student organization which organizes programs and learning packets for every Chassidishe Yom Tov. Even when the girls are home (eg. For Yud Aleph Nissan etc.) LGHS offers a phone farbrengen that each girl can call into and join.

    Each class has a mechaneches who meets with each girl individually and farbrengs with the class as a whole.

    Our Achos Hatimimim emphasizes the individual, internal growth of each girl, at her own pace and level.

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