Application Fee


For new students only

Tuition Fee


Dorm Laundry


Dorm Tuition:


(When applicable)

This does not include laundry, security deposit etc.

Give or Get fee


A responsibility where parents give of their time or money to support the school.

Tzedakkah Fee


This fee is optional. B’nos Chabad organizes daily Tzedakkah for each girl who participates. The money will be converted to nickels and distributed to the participants daily before Shacharis and Mincha.

Bnos Chabad Fee


includes annual Shabbaton, Shabbos In, annual Lag B’Omer Overnight, Farbrengens/special events in honor of Yomei Depagra, Melave Malka; this does not include trips to New York which will incur additional expenses.

Book Fee


includes textbooks for General Studies, bound workbooks for Hebrew Studies, and supplies for science lab.