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Parnes Hayom
Day of Learning Sponsorship

Torah study holds immense power, and the study of Torah by children amplifies that power even further.

Sponsoring Torah study in honor of a special occasion, for the merit of someone in need of healing, or simply for blessings is a longstanding Jewish tradition.

Every day, nearly 100 students pray and engage in the study of Chumash, Navi, Shulchan Aruch, Chassidus, and more. Additionally, our students participate in a weekly Study Buddy program where high school students are paired with elementary students to learn Torah together.

The impact of students engaging in Torah study brings blessings and merit to the individual it's being honored for.

It's crucial to us that our students are aware of whom they are learning in honor of. The sponsorship of a Day of Learning is announced during our morning prayers, displayed on screens throughout our building, and communicated to our parent and faculty community.

Please consider sponsoring a day, week, or month of learning in honor of someone you know.

For more information or to discuss larger sponsorships than those listed on our website, please email or call 773.743.7716.

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