1.      Living Torah

Watching the JEM Living Torah DVD is a highlight of the student’s week. Nothing can take the place of seeing and hearing the Rebbe.

 2.      Motzei Shabbos Farbrengens 

LGHS offers twice monthly motzei Shabbos farbrengens. Once a month each class farbrengs separately, and once a month the whole schoolfarbrengs together. The topics vary with the desires of the girls, while retaining a constant theme of the avodah of becoming a true Chosid.

 3.      Shluchim Farbreng

Visiting and local Chassidim and Shluchim farbreng with the students on various Chassidishe Yomim Tovim throughout the year. 

 4.      Mivtzoim

Each week, and for special Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, the girls arrange Mivtzoim

 5.      Mechaneches

LGHS’ Mechaneches program is designed to allow each student the opportunity to develop a relationship with an adult who can help them navigate the intricacies of high school. The mechaneches also arranges class farbrengens on a monthly basis. She makes sure to meet with every girl in the class individually.

 6.      Nesia L'Rebbe

 LGHS organizes a Nesiah L'Rebbe for the 10th grade students.  It is usually Thursday evening to Sunday morning.  The girls go to the Ohel, 770, the Rebbe's room, and when possible, the Rebbe's house.  There are special programs and farbrengens during the weekend.  The goal of the trip is to foster feelings of Hiskashrus and growth.