A Brief Overview of our School: Lubavitch Girls High School, Chicago

Lubavitch Girls High School of Chicago was established in 1990 to be part of furthering the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision of providing Chinuch al Taharas Hakodesh for every Jewish child, especially aimed at providing a Chassidishe Chinuch. This education inspires its students to feel Jewish and Chassidic pride and to be committed to a Chassidic way of life.

An intrinsic part of the Rebbe’s message, and therefore our own, is that each person should feel the obligation and privilege to teach someone else what they know, thereby allowing their own inspiration to expand exponentially in the nation.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe emphasizes that the future of the Jewish nation rests on the shoulders of its women. Putting his philosophy into action, the Rebbe was a pioneer in the establishment of girls’ schools, and emphasizes the need for well educated Jewish women. After all, they will be the wives, mothers, and teachers of tomorrow, setting the tone for future generations to live by.

Thank G‑d, to date, hundreds of girls have benefited from LGHS. In addition, although most of our students are from Chicago, due to its wonderful program and reputation, LGHS has also attracted girls from all over the world.

LGHS has dormitory facilities, each within walking distance to the school. Each has comfortable rooms, and kitchen and a sitting area.

There are dorm parents who oversee the needs of the dorm students, and there are live in dorm counselors in each dorm.

Friday nights, the dorm girls eat with the dorm parents and their children, and Shabbos day, they eat at families in the community. 

We, at Lubavitch Girls High School, are committed to kindling the hearts and minds of our students with the Rebbe’s message of personal and global geulah. Nurturing each student’s academic, social, and developmental needs is central to our mission. We aim to help each student intensify her understanding of and commitment to Torah and Chabad Chassidus and develop a meaningful relationship with the Aibershter and a lasting Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. We encourage each student to develop herself both internally and with her actions into a ner lihaier, a true chosid.
In general this means encouraging each student to develop her mind, her middos and her actions, and to daven with chayus and behave with derech eretz.
Specifically this includes looking at the Rebbe’s actions and emulating them; observing the Rebbe’s middos, especially the midda of ahavas yisroel, and fostering such growth inside of herself; learning the Rebbe’s teachings and making sure to apply their lessons and meanings to our lives; and fulfilling the Rebbe’s horaos, specifically in the area of mivtzoim amd especially in the mivtza of bringing an awareness of Moshiach to the world.
Students are also guided through a meaningful transition from childhood to young adulthood, prepared with knowledge and skills to one day establish their own Chassidishe homes.
We aim to communicate openly and directly with each student and parent.
The following pages detail how we implement our mission.