Tuition and Fees Management Program

LGHS uses the FACTS Tuition Management Company for tuition, dorm and fee payments. You can pay by check or credit card. You can select up to 4 dates per month to make your payments. Payments must begin by September 2019. You can check on the status of your account, the schedule of payments still to be made, a listing of those payments already made, and a complete listing of all activity through you account. All payments are required to be made through FACTS.

With tax season upon us, FACTS Management would like to call your attention to a new feature to help simplify your 2018 tax filing process.

By simply clicking “View Printable Payments Summary” on your Payments tab, you can retrieve and print a summary of payments for the year or any other specified time frame. Each payment summary is compiled by student, term, subaccount, and includes your school’s Federal Tax ID number.

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