Dear Parents and Returning Students,

With Hashem’s help and the Rebbe’s brochos we have seen a very successful year thus far, and we are working hard on our plans for the coming year. We thank you for your support in the past and look forward to our continued partnership in educating the next generation of Jewish women. We are pleased with your daughter’s progress at LGHS and are happy to offer you this opportunity to register your daughter for the upcoming school year, 5778/2017-2018.

Please print, fill out & mail the following forms to the school by March 16th, 18 Adar. Re-registration forms received after this time will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

Required Paperwork

1. Re-registration Form

2. Please email a picture of your daughter, and a one line description of her to This will be used to introduced her to the new teachers next year.

3. MCV

All twelfth grade students will be required to show proof of a recent meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV). They will need to show proof of receiving two does unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose after 16 years is required.

Documentation accepted as complying with the requirement includes the following information. A letter or note signed by your health care provider identifying the date the MCV was administered; Printout from your provider’s electronic medical record (ERM) that indicates the vaccine was administered; Current Certificate of Child Health Examination form, specifying the date the MCV was administered.

Required Paperwork- If there is updated information

1. Medical Information form
Complete the form and attach a photo copy of the insurance card.

2. Illinois State Health Form
Make sure the doctor and the parents have both filled out the proper places on the form and both the doctor and the parents have signed it.

Required Deposits Fees

Please enclose deposit check to hold your daughter’s place in school.
The deposit check will be put towards tuition and fees for the upcoming school year.
In the event your daughter does not attend LGHS, this deposit is non-refundable.

~Dorm students- $300 deposit check
~Non-dorm students- $200 deposit check