G 10,11,12 Admissions

G 10,11,12 Admissions


Application for Admissions Grades 10, 11, & 12

Dear Prospective Parents of Transfer Students to LGHS, sheyichyu

We are happy that you have an interest in transferring your daughter to LGHS.  Transferring to another school in the middle of high school comes with some challenges.  We would like you to consider those challenges before you make your decision about whether or not to send your daughter here for the rest of high school.

One area specifically:  It is common that when a student transfers here, she has additional work to complete in order to earn our diploma.  Each situation is individualized and specific, based on the learning that she comes to LGHS having already completed.  Therefore, the details will be determined when we review her transcripts. We will then speak with your daughter about the plan for her to make up the work.

What follows below is a general outline of requirements.  You can compare them yourself to what she has already fulfilled to get a general picture of the work she needs to complete.

Each item, course, etc. that she needs to complete has a $100 fee attached to it.

Specifically, what we will be looking for is:

1.      Passing the following classes with at least an average of 60% for a total of 4 years (unless otherwise noted).  This means that if your daughter is missing one year of the subject, she will need to complete the work that we will give her to do.

·    Chumash

·    Tanya

·    Halacha

·    Ivrit or another second language

·    English

·    Math

·    Science

·    A total of 3 years of History

·    Computers

2.     Passing the following tests with at least an average of 60%

o     Gemers (all 11th and 12th grade gemers):

o    Chumash Inyanim -11th

o    Hayom Yom-11th

o    Tanya (hakdoma-perek 17)-11th

o    Tanya (perek 18-32)-12th

o    Rashi Beraishis, Bamidbar-12th

o    Rashi Shemos, Devarim-12th

o    Halacha (Brochos, Kashrus, Shabbos)-12th

o   Both the US and Illinois State Constitution tests

o   CPR Certification 

3.     Passing the rest of the LGHS requirements that apply to all the students for her time at LGHS.

Thank you, and may we all be gebentched with much success in educating the next generation of Jewish wives and mothers.  Much nachas!

Stage One

Required Paperwork

1. Application for admission form- Transfer Parent

2. Application for admission form- Transfer Student

3.  Transfer Student essay questions

3. Transcript/School Records Release Form
Submit the request for school records to the applicant's present school.
Transcript must arrive sealed, directly from school.

4. Medical Information Form
Complete the form and attach a photo copy of the insurance card.

5. Picture of your daughter- Emailed to RWolf@lghschicago.org

6. If applicable, Counseling Release form
Submit the counseling release form to the appropriate party.

7. Copy of students' Birth Certificate

8. Send in a $200 check with the application to cover application costs.
This fee is non-refundable.

10. School Visit and interview 
Applicants are required to be interviewed by the Principal. 
Interviews with Mrs. Moscowitz  are the two weeks between Rosh Chodesh Adar and Purim, Feb 27-March 9. As a courtesy to out of town students, Mrs. Moscowitz will interview girls in NY the Monday of the Kinus, Feb 20.
Please call the school office at 773-743-7716 to arrange a time. 

Please have the following forms completed by the relevant parties

1. Principal/Teacher Evaluation Form (2)
Parents are required to submit a recommendation from to the applicant's current principal and teacher to be sent directly to LGHS. These recommendations are strictly confidential.

2. Illinois State Health Form
Make sure the doctor and the parents have both filled out the proper places on the form and both the doctor and the parents have signed it.

3. Eye Examination
Any student enrolling for the first time in an Illinois school, is required to complete and eye exam with a licensed optometrist or medical doctor who performs eye examinations. If your daughter fits this category, please have an optometrist complete the Illinois Eye Examination Report and submit it to the school.

You will also find an Illinois State Eye Examination waiver form which explains who is exempt from having to take the exam. There are three categories of exemption. Please read the waiver form carefully to determine if you are exempt. If you are exempt, please complete the waiver and submit it to the school.

4. MCV
All twelfth grade students will be required to show proof of a recent meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV). They will need to show proof of receiving two does unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose after 16 years is required.

Documentation accepted as complying with the requirement includes the following information. A letter or note signed by your health care provider identifying the date the MCV was administered; Printout from your provider’s electronic medical record (ERM) that indicates the vaccine was administered; Current Certificate of Child Health Examination form, specifying the date the MCV was administered.



1. Dorm Application

2. Dorm Recommendation Letters
Please have two references submit

Stage Two

Each application will be reviewed as soon as the admissions process is complete. Upon notification of acceptance, you will receive a tuition packet from the board of directors. Admission is contingent upon their approval.

LGHS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender or age.